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Autumn ….

Autumn is my favourite season of the whole year.  It is when all the hard work of the previous months is realised and the harvest gives up its treasures.  It is when we start to slow down, enjoy cosy evenings beside the fire and sit and reflect on the victories we have achieved during theContinue reading “Autumn ….”

Slowly but Surely!

Who would have thought back in January 2020 when we first heard of a new virus, the devastating effect it would have.  The speed at which the coronavirus has spread around the world has shocked us all, with almost everyone being affected in some way or another.  With the uncertainty around Brexit back in DecemberContinue reading “Slowly but Surely!”

Once bitten, twice shy!!

Portugal is a country well used to forest fires but in 2017 it suffered a new type of fire that the WWF have classed as being a sixth-generation mega fire, clearly linked to global change. WWF’s report. The fires were uncontrollable and were repeated again later that year in both Portugal and Spain. In fact,Continue reading “Once bitten, twice shy!!”

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