Three Wheels on my Wagon!

Ever had one of those weeks when things start off lovely and then seem to go from bad to worse? and then just when you think that nothing else can go wrong, guess what? it does! With all the news headlines recently about various storms, different weather fronts and snow and ice across the UKContinue reading “Three Wheels on my Wagon!”

… and we shall have snow!

Certainly not shorts and t-shirt weather today – even for a couple of hardy English Northerners.¬† The wind was rattling around the plot blowing around everything that wasn’t fastened down and we received a message from the Hipwell’s letting us know that they had snow in Lourical.¬† ¬†Definitely not what we were expecting, but weContinue reading “… and we shall have snow!”

Working on our Farm!

Another early morning alarm call, another hard frost and another beautiful day. The builders arrived early to continue taking off the roof tiles and removing the wooden slats. A couple of friendly blokes. They declined our offer of hot coffee – we heard that the Portuguese think the way the English make coffee isn’t quiteContinue reading “Working on our Farm!”